Sep. 20, 2018

Yin Yang Yo Hd Mp4 Download

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Two rabbit siblings are trained by their panda mentor in the mystic martial art of Woo-Foo, in hopes that they can protect the world from ever-present evil forces.

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original title: Yin Yang Yo!

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi

imdb: 5.7

duration: 10min

tags: In a world of chaos and disarray, brother and sister save the day!

keywords: slapstickcomedy, martialarts, rabbit, panda, satire, goodversusevil, fighting, barefootcartoonanimal, halfdressedcartoonanimal, animalprotagonist, cartoonviolence, magic, cartoonseries, cartoon, furry

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Two rabbit siblings are trained by their panda mentor in the mystic martial art of Woo-Foo, in hopes that they can protect the world from ever-present evil forces. After countless broadcasts of poorly-conceived shows, I had doubts on this one. But after one reluctant viewing of one episode, I began to favor the show... Yin Yang Yo! excels each one of my expectations - Plot, Presentation and Audio.

Plot - The plot line follows a pair of twin rabbits, Yin and Yang, who display the main aesthetics of the typical brother/sister pair: often competing and disagreeing with each other, yet caring for one another and helping each other when the need arises. However, unlike normal rabbits, they are trained in the ancient "Woo Foo" martial arts by the sole-surviving master practitioner, a grumpy panda named Yo. The story's combination of the action/adventure and comedy genre is remarkable; humor is attainable by all-ages, fighting scenes grab the interest of the audience and show lessons of morality, plus they aren't very preachy, are quite subtle and often relate to the everyday lives of viewers.

Presentation - Bob Boyle's use of Flash technology for the animation seemed kind of unconventional at first, but really pushed the limitations of Western animations and is presented beautifully with great results in return.

Audio - The music (the theme song to be more specific) was the only weak-point (a minor one at that) that I could detect for the show. Yin Yang Yo!'s theme song is yet another commercially-inspired hip-hop song that shows how the very idea of this kind of music is really losing its appeal. Kyle Massey's performance was the disappointment in this one. On the other hand, Michael Tavera's (known for his compositional work for music from "The Land Before Time"; not the original one, but the following sequels) overall score composition perfectly fits with the mood that the scenes exhibit.

Overall, I enjoy the show for two reasons. The first reason - Yin Yang Yo!'s inspiration is drawn from a plethora of ideas such as the mystic and close-quarters-combat-based fighting popularized from Street Fighter and its writing style is similar to Metal Gear Solid - it is the combination of its disarming humor (not taking itself too seriously) and an epic and intriguing storyline that viewers draw interest on. The second reason is the fact that I can completely relate to this show. I have a sister, and almost every episode of this show makes me realize how fortunate I am to have a sibling and how much I want to have a closer relationship with her...

Yin Yang Yo! gets a 10/10 from me. Impressive, Disney Channel... I mean, Jetix! Just when I thought Toon Disney was going down the drain with Dragon Booster marathons, new (and terrible) seasons of Power Rangers, and, as I like to call it, "Rerun Central"--where they play a selection of already-seen episodes from original Disney Channel cartoons (and some that once were there since, like, the 90's but then canceled and revived) and seen-way-too-much movies, a new show came along: Yin Yang Yo! It came off to a rather bad start--it premiered with a marathon that repeated the first two-to-four episodes for what was literally the whole day (twenty-four hours!)--but once it found its rightful spot on Mondays at 7:30 Eastern time (and occasionally repeating from time to time), all peace had returned to the hours-long cartoon block that was Jetix.

But after watching the trailers, some might ask, "What is this show about? Bunnies doing Kung-Fu and magic?" Really, it pretty much is what it's about, once you strip it down to the basics. But believe me, it's actually much more than that. Much, MUCH more. The story starts with two eleven-year-old rabbits, respectively named Yin and Yang for their opposite sexes and personalities, who are not only twins, but are two of the last "Woo-Foo" warriors--the third being an old and grouchy panda named Yo. Carrying on: the twins are still learning, though their skills gradually grow faster by the day, and in the meantime, they (though mostly Yang, the aggressive, sword-wielding brother) learn moral lessons to carry on in life. Yo, their mentor, despite appearances, was actually a very adroit and powerful Woo-Foo warrior in his days. But Yo's days were long gone since Yo's last climatic battle years ago, and now the trio's style of martial arts are taunted and laughed at. And as if all this wasn't enough of an impact on Yin and Yang, they also have to fight various--and hilariously eccentric--bad guys, from the threatening alter-ego Yuck to their arch-nemesis, Carl the evil cockroach. But no matter what the situation, their adventures (and misadventures?) are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud or raise an eyebrow and say, "Huh?"! As for flaws, there are barely any, except for maybe Carl's and the Night Master's (?) jokes--most of them just aren't that funny. In addition, a number of the remaining in general might come off as crude or offensive (can you say, "Hot-looking Feminist", anyone?). And some of the audience might have mixed feelings about Kyle Massey singing the theme song.

But despite all (minor?) flaws, Yin Yang Yo! is actually a show WORTH watching.

My Rating: 9.5/10 (rounded to the nearest whole number)


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